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Here’s Why B&B’s Steffy Is Screwed After Stabbing Sheila In Her Beach House

A showdown of the highest order played out in the Monday, February 26 episode of The Bold and the Beautiful. Sheila stalked Steffy outside her Malibu home. However, the off-her-rocker waitress didn’t stay hidden among the bushes and palm trees for long. After sizing up her prey, Sheila made her move.

Poking the Psychopathic Bear

When it comes to Steffy and Sheila, the animosity levels are high. And in Monday’s episode, Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) waited and stalked Steffy from outside. She blended in with the swaying trees, and let the loud, gusting wind provide the initial scares for Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood), who was simply trying to relax and make something to eat.

But by the end of the half-hour, Sheila stepped inside the house and, mostly in shadow, she crept towards her current nemesis. When she made an intense, darting move towards Steffy, the fierce Forrester took the butcher knife she held and planted it in Sheila. Right before the action cut to black, Sheila lay there with her eyes open, blood on her face, and the floor. Is she dead? Truly dead? Faking it? Or still running on delusion and bitterness?

Why Steffy’s Screwed

Sure, Sheila broke into Steffy’s home. That should be enough to claim self-defense. But with B&B, you never know how they’re going to twist what happened. The only defensive wounds on Sheila will be any that happened during the fight Steffy instigated in Sheila and Deacon’s apartment earlier at Il Giardino.

At Steffy’s, Sheila came at her, but didn’t get the chance to actually hurt her. Is it going to be Steffy’s word that she was in fear for her life? Was the door Sheila came through even locked?

And anyway, logic goes out the door whenever Sheila’s involved. She could, once again, fake her death. This way, she can sit back, grab popcorn, and watch Steffy go down for her murder. Heck, Sheila would probably willingly die so she can make life hell for Steffy. After all, she did once cut off a toe to elude capture. And, remember, before this incident, she mysteriously disappeared. Deacon didn’t even know where she was. Could she have used that time to set up her “afterlife” arrangements?

Plus, both Deacon and Finn heard Sheila go on and on about how Steffy didn’t just want her in prison, she wanted her gone. That’s a perfect setup for chaos and a perfect motive for payback. No doubt Deacon will tell the police all about this conversation if needed.

The Finn Factor

Speaking of Finn (Tanner Novlan), the doctor speculated that this could happen. From his perspective, he worried that Steffy confronting Sheila at Il Giardino would only serve to wake up the beast in Sheila. Sure, he defended his wife in the moment, and even to Hope (Annika Noelle) he expressed his understanding. But, he knew this could be a deadly consequence of antagonizing his unstable bio mom. So will Steffy be screwed when it comes to her relationship with her husband? How will Finn react to what happened?

Finally, who’s going to get to Steffy first — Finn or Liam (Scott Clifton)? After his restaurant conversation with Deacon, Liam’s guard is up. And he probably thinks he needs to protect Steffy and Kelly where Finn can’t. This whole Sheila stabbing could validate everything he’s been saying. Could Liam squeeze his way in between Finn and Steffy and find a way to ingratiate himself to his ex-wife? All while leaving the doctor on the outside looking in?

What do you think will happen? Is Sheila dead? Is Steffy screwed or do you think she’ll be okay and life can go on as normal without any interference or looming Sheila presence? Will her marriage survive? Let us know in the comments.

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