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Has TLC Issued A Statement After Garrison Brown’s Death?

Garrison Brown passed away and that seemed just too terrible to think about, but it really happened and his shocked family and fans sent out tributes, but did TLC make an official statement? It’s been close to a week since the news arrived about the tragic Sister Wives news on March 5. Read on to find out.

Sister Wives Star Remembered Garrison Brown

Of course, Janelle and Kody Brown, the parents of the 25-year-old, who adopted cats and loved photography, gave their statements on social media. Meri Brown also shared in honor of him. As her mom passed away, she hoped that his spiritual grandmother would welcome him into Heaven. More followed.

Garrison Brown - Instagram
Garrison Brown – Instagram

Christine Brown took her time to select a special video of Janelle’s son helping with flowerbeds. Plus, his siblings shared their heartbreaking posts about the loss of a brother. Garrison Brown was honored by the Nevada National Guard on Facebook, and they said some nice things about their fine young “battle buddy.” But what did TLC share, if anything?

Did TLC Issue A Statement?

On March 5, 2024, the USA lost a promising young man. Highly favored by Sister Wives fans, they waited seemingly in vain for some sort of official statement by TLC. As they saw nothing on social media, an OP on Reddit asked:

TLC Statement?…Has TLC released an official statement about Garrison? I checked their Instagram and it looks like all Sister Wives content has been scrubbed.

Did TLC scrub everything about Sister Wives from Instagram? No, they didn’t, the last one on the site came about Christine Brown’s wedding in January this year. However, it is noticeable that there are no posts about Garrison Brown’s death.

TLC Last Post About Sister Wives - January 2024 - Instagram
TLC Last Post About Sister Wives – January 2024 – Instagram

Sister Wives fans feel very strongly about Garrison Brown. So in the comments, some people vented about TLC.

  • TLC did nothing for a member from 90 Day fiance when a person they were filming got hurt pretty bad at a trampoline park. No money towards medical bills, so “sorry, not sorry”, NOTHING! TLC is a. POS
  • It’ll probably appear in people magazine if they do. That’s their go-to news outlet.

Well, it appeared in that outlet and in a story by ET Online.  Near the bottom of an article about Janelle and Kody Brown’s statement, TLC was cited as saying:

We are devastated to hear of the tragic loss of Garrison Brown. We extend our deepest sympathies and heartfelt condolences to the Brown family at this difficult time.

What are your thoughts about TLC giving statements to a few media outlets about the passing of Garrison Brown? Do you think they should have posted something on social media? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your Sister Wives news.

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