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Has Blue Bloods Ruined Its Most Beloved Female Character?

The one female character that has somehow avoided “bad writing” accusations so far is now facing the same charges by the Blue Bloods community.


  • Like many other procedural shows, Blue Bloods has issues with writing compelling and believable female characters.
  • With Abigail Baker, for one, some fans find her attitude to the Commissioner obnoxious and insubordinate at best.
  • Most fans, however, feel like Baker has the right to address Frank more liberally than others as his most trusted advisor.

Procedural TV shows are often called out for being unable to write genuinely good female characters: they tend to make them either “invisible” or obnoxious. Blue Bloods is no exception, but Abigail Baker has been avoiding such accusations… Until recently. Even the Commissioner’s right hand can’t be universally loved as some fans find her to be extremely annoying.

Apparently, Not Everyone Loves Baker

For most fans, ourselves included, Abigail Baker has always been the light at the end of the tunnel and the Commissioner’s best partner ever. But some fans admittedly see Baker’s attitude to her boss as unacceptable, slamming her for complete lack of subordination and constant desire to go against Frank Reagan.

“Every day of her life for almost every season, [Baker] has this desire to question Frank. Even when he’s right and she knows it. <…> Baker not only basically tells Frank that he’s horrible and making the worst decision; [she] tells him, a grown man who is not her son or anyone she has authority over, to ‘tread lightly,’ like he’s some child,” Reddit user tinypancake89 pointed out.</…>

Due to Baker’s attitude, they called her “the most annoying and insufferable character” beyond even Nicky Reagan-Boyle who’s almost universally disliked by fans.

Most Fans Would Die Defending Baker

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However, the majority of Blue Bloods fans strongly disagreed with that opinion and rushed to Abigail Baker’s protection. They argued that she and the Commissioner have always had the most respect for each other, and that’s exactly why Baker is allowed to speak plainly and candidly with her boss what no one else could.

“That’s why he keeps her around. She is supposed to be the devil’s advocate, the other side of the argument. Yes, sometimes they agree, but then one of the other two has the opposite opinion. That’s their job,” KayD12364 retorted.

Many others followed suit and stood up for Abigail Baker, proving two things at once: no, Blue Bloods has not ruined its most beloved side characters; and yes, there will always be haters even for the most well-rounded and sympathetic characters.

That’s just how it goes.

You take on Abigail Baker’s attitude?

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