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Gwendlyn Brown Shuts Business Down In Wake Of Garrison’s Death

Gwendlyn Brown has chosen to shut her business down in the wake of her brother, Garrison Brown’s passing. He allegedly committed suicide nearly a week ago and has left a hole in the family’s heart. So, what exactly is his little sister doing to allow herself to heal? Read on for more details.

Gwendlyn Brown Shuts Business Down In Wake Of Garrison’s Death

In Season 18 of Sister Wives, Gwendlyn Brown and her brother, Gabriel Brown were making big moves. One of them was supposed to be in their big brother, Garrison Brown’s home. Gwen’s mom, Christine Brown was nervous about this decision. She felt that, though Gwen and Garrison were very close, they were very different in many ways. Christine feared the two siblings may clash and it may not be the best idea and ultimately, it did not happen. The one thing that Gwen, Garrison, and Gabe did bond over was being discarded by their father, Kody Brown.

Garrison Brown Credit: Garrison IG
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However, Gwendlyn had turned the familial dysfunction into a profit by having her own Patreon and YouTube channel. She would rewatch episodes from Season 17 and offer commentary as the episode played. Additionally, her older sister, Mykelti Brown Padron did this, as well. Now, Gwen has an announcement to make in the wake of Garrison’s death at 25 and a Reddit thread broke it down. Per her Patreon, she will no longer post anything new but will keep up all old content. There is a chance Gwen may change her mind but she is unsure and is telling people to “run while you can” to avoid being billed.


So, what did Gwendlyn Brown’s followers on Reddit have to say about this news? Did they understand or were they upset about it?

  • I don’t blame her. Honestly I’d be SHOCKED if the show didn’t end.
  • It’s time for this to be put to rest. This family (especially the children) have been through enough.
  • Totally agree this show needs to end. I can’t bear a “very special episode” that makes money of this young man’s suffering.
  • Reality tv destroys families.

Will The Show Go On?

Many were happy that Gwendlyn Brown was done with her Patreon and hoped Mykelti Brown Padron would do the same. More so, they cited how hurt the girls seemed when they would rewatch and react to some scenes. However, fans are hopeful the show will not go on because this family is grieving enough. With Gwen, she made her businesses out of her reaction videos. Therefore, the constant presence or questions of and about Garrison Brown would be torture.

Are you proud of her for choosing her mental health over money? Finally, will you watch Sister Wives if it does come back? Let us know in the comments below.

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