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GH Spoilers: Tonja Walker, Teases Return, Off The Cusp Of Olivia Jerome’s Death

General Hospital (GH) spoilers indicate that fans were beyond shocked to learn that long-time character, Olivia Jerome, met her demise while she was serving her prison sentence at Pentonville.

How does this all connect to the mystery shooter storyline? Hard to say; however, the actress who was last in the role, Tonya Walker, recently teased some major news for GH fans.

General Hospital Spoilers – Tonja Walker Had No Clue About Olivia Jerome’s Death

GH spoilers note that it looks like Olivia Jerome is dead; however, as this is the land of daytime drama, it’s always possible to bring back a character to life.

It was clear that actress Tonja Walker was not kept in the loop about Olivia’s death, as she replied to a post on a soap opera page that revealed Jerome’s passing noting that “it looks like I died”.

General Hospital Spoilers: Tonja Walker, Teases Return, Off The Cusp Of Olivia Jerome’s DeathShe would also post, “Oh what a rip! I wish we could have actually shot some great story but again, another missed opportunity… unless it’s not. I guess you never know. It wouldn’t be the first time.”

She’s not wrong, at all speculating that “unless it’s not”. Walker could have been implying that Olivia could come back. After all, others have returned from the dead, even after ghostly visits to Port Charles – looking at you, Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers).

GH Spoilers – Is This A “Red Herring” Event?

GH spoilers hint at a bombshell that’s about to be dropped. With Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) returning soon, and the name “Stone” being dropped behind this whole operation, fans can feel something major is on the horizon.

With that said, is Olivia Jerome really dead, and if so, is her death linked to this storyline or just something to distract fans?

Some fans have pointed out that had Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) not gone to the morgue herself to identify the body, then more people would speculate that perhaps Olivia Jerome hasn’t met her demise.

After all, why would Anna lie? She had a terrible rivalry with Olivia for years.

Is Olivia Jerome dead? Share your thoughts below.

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