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GH Spoilers: Is Dante Leaving Port Charles And GH?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal that Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) got caught up in the return of Jason Morgan (Steve Burton). Dante was shot in the process of chasing Jason and his partner from the warehouse rooftop.

Jason is protecting Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) even though it may not seem like it. Dante just got shot and Jason took out his attacker. Will Dante die from his injuries?

General Hospital Spoilers – Does Dante Falconeri Blame Jason Morgan?

General Hospital Spoilers reveal that Dante had his gun trained on Jason when he was shot. However, the shooter was behind Jason. Jason quickly took him down and proceeded to try to help Dante.

However, Dante could be confused about what happened considering just what Dante has been through since he got shot.

Dante has almost bled out and now the ambulance is on the way thanks to Jason Morgan (Steve Burton). If Dante mentions Jason’s name, it could certainly be misconstrued.

Dante may not get the time to explain before passing out or being taken into surgery. In that case, Jason could be accused of shooting Dante, which he would have done at one time.

GH Spoilers – How Does Sam McCall Factor Into This?

Jason is back and of course; Sam had been his soulmate for year. Sam is now with Dante. Could Dante be leaving so that Sam and Jason can reunite? It does not seem that fans will get answers to anything soon about what is going on with Dante.

Dante could end up in a coma with Sam standing vigil by his side for months while Jason waits in the background.

However, both Zamprogna and Burton have left the show before so it is possible that he could be leaving, and they are just keeping it down the downlow.

However, this storyline is becoming an umbrella story and at least includes many characters. It is hard telling when fans will truly know if there will be a triangle between these three characters.

General Hospital Spoilers – Is Jasam End Game?

Even before Steve left due to COVID restrictions, Sam and Jason were said to be endgame. These two have been together for years and their fans still want them back together.

Will Sam and Jason find their way back to each other as long as Dante is in the picture? Is Sam about to find out that a “safe man” is not a bit safer than a mobster?

If Dante were to die it would certainly prove that Jason is just as safe as everyone else. After all, Jason is as careful as he can be even if he has been presumed dead a time or two.

Will Sam and Jason finally realize that their jobs don’t matter and put their family back together?

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