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General Hospital’s Jon Lindstrom KICKED OFF TIKTOK — Here’s The Reason Why

Fans searching for General Hospital‘s Jon Lindstrom TikTok account will be sorely disappointed by this news: the actor has been kicked off the platform. But there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation.

Jon Lindstrom Explains His TikTok Headache

Firstly, a warning courtesy of Lindstrom via Instagram: “If you’re following me on TikTok…you’re NOT following me on TikTok. Why? Because I’m not on TikTok. I’ve been kicked off TikTok.”

The reason? “I violated their authenticity and integrity guidelines, which means I’m not me.” Say what?!

It seems that Lindstrom has fallen victim to scammers who’ve opened varying accounts using his identity, and the company concluded that it was the actor’s very own profile that wasn’t the genuine article. * Face palm *

As a result, Lindstrom’s entire account was deleted — so much for appealing the decision! All this, and it’s been less than a month since he began uploading videos.

Lindstrom went on to encourage anyone and everyone who sees or follows the likes of “jon.lindstorm” or “jonlindstrom1” to report the channels as they are most assuredly not him.

The actor’s post was chockfull of comments from fans cheering him on for calling out the imposters and bemoaning TikTok’s bone-headed handling of the situation. Several also had a question similar to Mellie McBride’s, to wit, “Was it Ryan?” Gotta love a good inside joke!

Should Ryan make another return to General Hospital to torment the people of Port Charles? Sound off in the comments section below! 

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