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General Hospital’s Drew Continues to Make No Sense, but We All Saw It Coming

He’s too far gone to be fixed.


  • Throughout the 60 years that General Hospital has been on the air, there have been many instances where its characters have acted inconsistently.
  • Drew Cain after his recast, constantly referred to as Drew 2.0 by the fandom, was one of the most hated characters on the show.
  • His actions after Jason’s return only proved how little the writers cared about his character’s motives.

There’s probably not a single person who watches the soap opera and takes it too seriously. While these shows do captivate viewers and can be just as dramatic, exciting, and gripping as any other television series, they are meant to be over-the-top and slightly exaggerated.

Based almost entirely on universally known fictional tropes and plot devices, soaps advance the story by having characters sometimes act completely insane or lose consciousness and be influenced by someone else. Soap opera audiences know this, accept it, and often even enjoy it.

Where the problems start, however, is when characters start acting weird, not because there is a solid explanation for it, but because the writers find it hard to keep them consistent. Generally speaking, this has been the case with pretty much every single character on General Hospital for the past few years. Drew Cain, however, ended up being the most affected.

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What Happened to Drew on General Hospital?

While many people were waiting for Carly to finally be done with Drew after his outburst about Nina, no one really expected her to be done by his decision. Although he’s been through a lot lately, viewers felt that it should have only strengthened his feelings, not sent him into a tailspin of rash decisions.

Jason’s return was definitely a shock to half of Port Charles, but for Drew, it felt like he had been waiting for the opportunity to dump Carly.

Considering how loudly he stood up for Carly during her conflict with Nina, and how willing he was to take a punishment for her, his decision to lash out at her because of Jason feels forced, to say the least.

For a man who was willing to give up time with his son just to play hero in front of her, his attitude seemed to change way too quickly.

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It’s not like anyone was upset that their couple was over. Even before Drew started acting completely insane in his outrage over Nina, not many viewers believed he had any future with Carly. With Jason back, it was only a matter of time before they called it quits. It’s just that the majority were sure it would be Carly who pulled the trigger.

If you want to see what Drew comes up with next, and if he decides to put all his energy into terrorizing Nina, tune in to General Hospital Monday through Friday to not miss another episode.

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