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General Hospital’s Adam Huss (Nikolas Cassadine) Stars In New Thriller Flick, What Does That Mean For GH Role?

While he’s best known to daytime fans as General Hospital’s (GH) Nikolas Cassadine, actor Adam Huss is entering another genre with his newest project, Peek-A-Boo, a chilling movie that is sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

General Hospital’s Spoilers – Adam Huss Starring In “Peek-A-Boo”

Directed by award-winning director and writer Candice Cain, Peek-A-Boo is a Gemelli Films “fright-fest” with Huss stepping into the starring role as the killer, Jacob Stanton.

Huss’s character is bent on vengeance and mayhem, so perhaps Adam drew a little bit from his Nikolas Cassadine character to play this role, but not overly much, as the two characters do seem worlds apart.

The movie centers around a luxury cabin in Lake Placid and promises fans a “terrifying” ride as Huss’s character is behind a number of unexplained events and has a goal to torture his victims.

Jacob is said to be consumed by darkness, and he’s focused on ridding himself of a child he never wanted.

Unfortunately, as the night rolls on, Jacob’s victim list increases, and the extent of the character’s malice increasingly becomes profound.

The movie is a fight for survival for Stanton’s remaining victims, and Jacob’s actions are things nightmares are made from.

GH Spoilers – Adam Huss On His New Character

Jacob Stanton is on a mission during Peek-A-Boo and is evil right down to the core. Huss talked about his character and new movie to Soap Central, stating it’s been “fun” to explore an unredeemable character, even though Jacob’s motives are ones he would never have.

Huss reveals that his evolution from the world of soap operas to thriller flicks is all thanks to director Candice Cain. He adds that it was quite enjoyable being directed by Cain, who helped him shape the Jacob Stanton character.

Fans will have to wait some months before seeing Huss in this edgy new film, as Peek-A-Boo is slated for a late fall release, worldwide.

Do you miss Adam Huss on GH? Would you like to see Nikolas Cassadine return? Comment below!

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