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General Hospital Spoilers: Did Jason Morgan Fake His Own Death To Protect His Loved Ones?

GH spoilers suggest that Jason Morgan’s (Steve Burton) return has been incredibly explosive. Fans have been on the edge of their seats since the Monday, March 4 show, which marked his first day back in the land of Port Charles in just over two years.

Now that viewers know a little bit about where Jason’s head is, and where his loyalties lie, it seems there’s a good chance he faked his death.

General Hospital Spoilers – What Fans Know So Far

GH spoilers suggest that Jason isn’t suffering from either amnesia or brainwashing. He knows who he is, and he remembers the people he’s closest to in the little town.

He not only killed Roman Hume (Mark Engelhardt) after Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) was shot, but he stayed with his old friend until help came.

He also clipped Mr. Hume’s arm before he took a shot at Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard), in the warehouse.

Jason may be the “Stone” that everyone’s referring to as the mystery shooter, but he isn’t gunning for Sonny. He may be working undercover for the feds, or his own vigilante justice, but he was never about to betray the mob boss he grew to view as family.

GH Spoilers – Jason Morgan’s Need To “Protect”

Jason was likely away for this long due to healing from the tunnel accident. After he got better, he may have realized everyone thought he was dead and decided to stay that way. After all, the best way he can protect his children is by offering no threat at all.

There was a time when Jason agreed to pretend that Lucky Spencer (Jackson) was Jake Webber’s (Hudson West) dad to prevent his son from being a target, due to his mob ties.

Jason likely felt that once everyone thought he was dead, it was better to just stay that way and assume a new life; as he was teetering on a relationship with Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud), he may have decided that being dead was best for her, too.

Somehow, Jason became privy to a target on Sonny’s back. He may have joined that organization so he could “protect” Sonny from afar, hoping to annihilate this company, “save” Corinthos and go back into hiding.

Why has Jason been gone for so long when he’s clearly in his “right mind”? Comment below.

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