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General Hospital Spoilers: Ava And Sonny Have A…Moment

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, March 7, 2024, tease Sonny and Ava may be on the road to something more between them. This is an episode you will not want to miss.

Previously On GH: Dante was rushed to the hospital and into surgery. Family and friends gathered to wait, hope, and pray. Anna and Chase questioned Dex and Joss. Over at The Invader, Nina and Alexis had it out. Meanwhile, Spinelli and Ava watched the footage and were shocked by who and what they saw. Maxie outright told Sasha and Cody to get it together and ran off to do the same with Spinelli. Maxie was ready to talk but Spinelli was to stunned to, instead he showed her the footage. At the same time, Ava showed the same to Sonny. Now, let’s talk about what’s coming up next.

A Loaded Moment

Sonny (Maurice Benard) moved Ava (Maura West) into his house to protect her, and while that was all fine and good, it seems more is going on between them. Ava is included in a lot of Sonny’s business and he trusts her. Just “as friends” she’s seen more of his business than most of his lovers. She’s truly proving to be the perfect mob wife bestie.

It seems those little sparks between them are quickly turning into something more. Much, much more. They share a moment in an upcoming scene that may change the entire game. There are some serious fireworks in store.

Overwhelming Times

Across town, Drew (Cameron Mathison) and Carly (Laura Wright) are busy bees. Too busy. They have their hands full dealing with all the drama of the past few days, their business, and each other. They may want to take a breath before they make some bad decisions.

At the same time, Maxie (Kirsten Storms) is stunned, and understandably so. Everything is pretty overwhelming right now and bombshells keep dropping every time anyone turns around. The best she can do is pick her jaw up off the floor and keep moving forward.

Calming Comfort

Watch as Laura (Genie Francis) provides comfort. This is something Laura does best and she’s always there with a strong shoulder and gentle words. This is something many people will need right about now.

Meanwhile, Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) opens up to Jordan (Tanisha Harper). BLQ is a bundle of nerves and needs a friend right about now. Jordan is always happy to help and listens to all her various woes.

Would Ava make the perfect mob wife? Sound off in the comments!

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