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General Hospital Spoilers: Anna Shares A Secret With Jagger

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, March 20, 2024, tease a few drinks loosen Anna up and she confesses a tidbit to Jagger. Will she regret this when she sobers up? Tune in to find out!

Previously On GH: John gave Elizabeth a hard time over Jason and then headed off to question Danny; Brook Lynn warned him away. Willow told Jason that John was gunning for him and his loved ones. Josslyn boohooed to Carly about Dex and got a crash course in mob life. Natalia sat down with Sonny and Kristina and bemoaned her handling of Blaze’s coming out. Dex told Anna all about the hit he was ready to carry out on Sonny’s behalf; she refused to bring Sonny up on charges — for Dex’s sake. Dex implored her to think of him should she ever build a case against Sonny. Now, let’s talk about what’s coming up next.

Loose Lips

It’s been a long few weeks and Anna (Finola Hughes) could use a drink…or two. She and Jagger hit the bar and grab a few. Will this prove to be a bit of a mistake? Anna ends up making a confession that has John’s ears perked right up. What is she about to reveal and what is he going to do with the intel?

Anna and John have run hot and cold since his return to Port Charles. What should be a bonding moment between colleagues could turn into a fishing expedition for the FBI agent. If Anna spills a little secret, perhaps she’ll spill more.

Changes Are Coming

A huge shift happens for Natalia (Eva LaRue). Finding out Blaze (Jacqueline Grace Lopez) is dating Kristina (Kate Mansi) was a huge shock and she wasn’t very understanding. Is that about to change? Will she accept her daughter for who she is and who she loves?

Speaking of changes, Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) is ready to transition back to her old way of life. She informs Molly (Kristen Vaganos) that she soon won’t be the only lawyer in the family again. Alexis wants back in the game and she’s hopeful Diane (Carolyn Hennesy) can help make it happen.

A Different Outlook

Meanwhile, Tracy (Jane Elliot) sees a new side of Cody (Josh Bell) and she’s not sure what to make of it. To be fair, she’s never been quite sure what to make of the stable dweller. He seems like a nice guy. Was she wrong? Was she right? Is something off with this guy?

What do you love most about Anna? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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