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General Hospital Fires Breakdown Writer Shannon Peace

Yesterday evening, Shannon Peace took to social media to announce that she’d been dismissed from the General Hospital writing team. Peace, who joined the staff in 2021 was shocked to find out she was being let go.

Shannon Peace On Her Departure

“After almost 3 years on staff and 106 episodes penned, I am no longer on contract with General Hospital,” began Peace’s statement.

“Writing for this country’s longest-running television serial drama has been an education of epic proportions; I will forever be grateful that I earned my WGA card on a daytime fixture that holds memories for so many.

“I’m proud of my time on the show: I leave behind characters I named and storylines I helped to shape. I was part of a talented team nominated for two Daytime Emmy Awards and two Writers Guild Awards.

“Even more importantly, as the sole Black breakdown writer (and only POC in the writers’ room) during my tenure, I pushed for vital character interactions and discussions that prioritized inclusion, visibility, and representation. Stella and Portia’s frank July 2022 conversation about the role that race played in Esme’s framing of Trina is just one example of the impact I’m gratified to have had.

“Appreciation to my former head writers Dan O’Connor and Chris Van Etten — not only for taking a chance on me, but for valuing my perspective and championing my voice.

“I also want to thank fans who were so supportive and complimentary of my work, especially the recognition of my love for ‘Sprina.’ One of my only regrets in not having the opportunity to develop that ‘ship deeper.

“In the aftermath of a historic writer’s strike that shed new light on the troubling ways writers are regarded in daytime, my sincere hope is that General Hospital recommits to valuing staff writer efforts and input, with a more intentional focus on diverse viewpoints — and thrives for another 60 years.”

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