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‘General Hospital’ Fans Go Crazy For Jason Morgan’s New Sleeve

General Hospital fans are going crazy for Steve Burton aka Jason Morgan’s new sleeve that he debuted upon his return. Though he has had a penchant for ink, this is a new revelation and viewers are here for it. So, what are they saying? Read on for more details.

General Hospital Fans Go Crazy For Jason Morgan’s New Sleeve

When Steve Burton exited General Hospital in 2021, he was built but his tattoos were nothing to write home about. After he was let go for not following the show’s vaccine mandates, he seemed to get more into ink and fitness. Now that he is back as Jason Morgan, viewers are thrilled to see him. They cannot wait to learn where he has been since he was left for dead in a tunnel collapse. How did he survive that and why did he decide to make his big entrance now? More so, which soul mate’s life will he disrupt?

Steve Burton's 2022 Net Worth - YouTube/general Hospital
Steve Burton-YouTube

At the same time, fans cannot seem to keep their focus on what is going on with Jason after seeing his new sleeve. It takes up his whole left arm and, with his backstory of where he’s been airing March 14th, maybe it will be incorporated. So, what are fans saying about his new ink? A thread was started in a Facebook group to discuss all things Jason’s sleeve.

Steve Burton's Sleeve-Facebook Group
Steve Burton’s Sleeve-Facebook Group

Fans also wondered if they were real or just for the show. Back in July 2022, Steve took his followers on a trip with him to the tattoo studio and showed himself getting work done. He gave a tour of what he had gotten done there prior and it seemed he was getting his sleeve worked on.


This has kept viewers gushing:

  • I agree and I’m not a fan of tattoos but Jason gets a pass and can wear a clown suit if he wanted to! 😍
  • I just wanna hold those muscles lol
  • Love his tat he’s such a cutie
  • Nothing is finer than a man in tats and a handsome man he is so fine

Making It Work

A big question was how General Hospital would make the sleeve work when Steve Burton did not have it prior:

  • Yes I noticed he has a new tattoo down his arm. It’s so nice to know that Jason is back.
  • LOL I kept wondering if they will work them into the storyline since he didn’t have them before. But, hey, even this old lady was glad to see those muscles!

Again, with the show revealing what happened to Jason since he’s been gone, they may use that as an opportunity to work in his sleeve. Initially, his return was supposed to be different but thanks to the head writers being let go, things were reworked. Steve Burton shared he is happy with the direction it is going in and hopefully, fans are, too.

What do you think of his sleeve? Do you think it is a nice addition or better without? Let us know and watch General Hospital weekdays on ABC.

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