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Garrison Brown’s Siblings Pay Tribute To Late Brother

Sister Wives star Garrison Brown passed away on Tuesday, March 5th, 2024 of an apparent suicide. His family is completely heartbroken. Now, some of his siblings are paying tribute to their late brother. Read on for more details as to what they have done.

Garrison Brown’s Siblings Pay Tribute To Late Brother

There were eighteen children in the Brown family so it was quite large. As time went on, the polygamous family split, with second wife, Janelle Brown, and third wife, Christine Brown’s children remaining incredibly close. Together, they had twelve of the eighteen kids and they celebrated holidays as well as big occasions. The last big moment they all had was Christine’s wedding to David Woolley as she and Janelle had left the plural family. It was a lot of food, fun, dancing, laughing, and happy tears. Then, tragedy struck as Gabriel Brown apparently found his brother, Garrison Brown dead in his home.

Garrison Brown/Instagram
Garrison Brown-Instagram

Garrison’s parents, Janelle and Kody Brown have issued a statement. Meri Brown, Kody’s former first wife, also shared how broken she was over losing Garrison. Now, his siblings are starting to share tributes to their brother through their Instagram stories. They are reposting Janelle Brown’s statement on social media:

So far, Savanah Brown, Maddie Brown Brush, Mykelti Brown Padron, and Paedon Brown have reshared the post. Mykelti added “I LOVE YOU BRO” over hers. Other than that, they have yet to say much as they are probably processing everything. Plus, Maddie and Mykelti may be making arrangements to get to Flagstaff since they live out of town.

Many fans were shocked to learn what happened after Meri posted it on her social media:

  • My heart is broken for Janelle and her family. Rest easy Garrison
  • What?!?!? I had to read it twice. Oh Meri. I am so sorry for such a huge loss. That boy put smiles on so many faces. This is such a tragedy. Praying for all.
  • No words. I’m deeply sorry for you all Who loved him so deeply. I wish you all strength and love ❤️

Comments Off

Janelle Brown turned her comments off when it came to Garrison Brown but Meri Brown did not. Some fans encouraged her to do so just out of respect. At this time, the family has asked for privacy but so many followers have watched Garrison since 2010. They feel as though they know the family so they want to offer condolences and words of love. Hopefully, the family can feel how much fans care for them during this horrible time.

Thoughts and love go out to the Brown family and all who knew Garrison.

If you or someone you know is contemplating suicide, there is hope at 988. 

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