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Garrison Brown Memorialized By Arizona Animal Shelter

Late Sister Wives star Garrison Brown has been memorialized by an Arizona animal shelter over the weekend. He was honored for his contributions and love of animals over the years. Keep reading to see the sweet moments from the event.

Garrison Brown Memorialized By Arizona Animal Shelter

It’s been nearly three weeks since Garrison Brown took his own life. This was extremely hard for his family and all who knew him. Not only did he leave behind seventeen siblings but he also left behind his three beloved cats. He had Catthew, Patches, and the newest addition, Ms. Buttons. Ms. Buttons was about to be euthanized when Garrison rescued her just days before he passed away. Due to his devotion to his furry friends, donations started to pour in to honor him. When Janelle Brown caught wind of this, she was blown away by how generous people could be.

Garrison Brown-YouTube
Garrison Brown-YouTube

To make it even more special, the High Country Humane in Flagstaff, Arizona decided to honor Garrison on March 23rd. Furthermore, they named their Cat Adoption Room after him as well as his three little furry babies. According to Us Weekly, a staff member from High Country shared this during the dedication:

“We saw probably close to 1,000 people who supported us when we raised a little over $25,000 in just two weeks time. It’s an amazing gift in his memory and it’s a true testament to the person he was. He was passionate about senior cats … [and] the words that people wrote in their donations were just incredibly inspiring and some of them didn’t know him [outside] of the Sister Wives program.”


Both Kody and Janelle Brown were tagged in the dedication with the latter reposting it for her followers to see. Followers were thrilled by this honor for Garrison Brown:

  • So wonderful. 👏 We love you, Garrison!
  • Such a beautiful way to honor him ❤
  • This warms my heart tremendously. ❤️
  • What an incredible legacy he left behind. What a beautiful soul. @janellebrown117 you should be proud of what a beautiful sun you raised.

The Cats Are Fine

Many of Garrison Brown’s followers were concerned as to what would happen to his three cats after his passing. They had no idea if they would end up back at a shelter or be rehomed. Luckily, they have been placed with his siblings. It has been confirmed that Catthew, who was Garrison’s first rescue, is now living with his brother, Logan Brown, and his wife, Michelle Petty. She shared a snap of Catthew climbing around so that is a good sign that they have stayed within the family.

What do you think of High Country doing something so special for Garrison? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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