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Game Of Thrones Fans Up In Arms As Aegon’s Conquest Spinoff Finally Confirmed

The prequel to Game of Thrones about Aegon Targaryen’s bloody conquest of Westeros finally enters development at HBO, and fans are voicing their demands.


  • HBO has been brainstorming Game of Thrones spin-off ideas for years, with only two being officially greenlit so far.
  • The Aegon’s Conquest show finally enters development with Mattson Tomlin as its writer, reports claim.
  • Game of Thrones fans want the new series to delve deeper into the Westeros lore and reveal Dorne’s secrets.

After Game of Thrones’ anticlimactic finale in 2019, HBO has gone through dozens of spin-off and prequel ideas. The only palpable results so far have been House of the Dragon ( Season 2 in the making) and The Hedge Knight (starts production this year).

Recently, we learned that SNOW was admittedly dead on arrival, and now, there’s another update: the Aegon’s Conquest spin-off is in development!

Aegon’s Conquest Series: All We Know So Far

The proud son of Valyria, Aegon Targaryen, together with his sister wives Rhaenys and Visenya, conquered the entirety of Westeros in just two years, save for Dorne. Aegon the Conqueror established Targaryen rule over the Seven Kingdoms, creating the Iron Throne that his successor Daeneryes would destroy centuries later.

The idea to create the Aegon’s Conquest prequel series has been discussed at HBO for a long time and was even discarded once already, but now it’s finally moving into development, according to THR.

Mattson Tomlin (The Batman, Project Power, The Sea Beast) will serve as the show’s writer, taking on the task of bringing the legendary First King’s wars to life. The Aegon’s Quest series will be a direct prequel to HotD and is yet to receive an official name.

GoT Fans Are Excited About Aegon’s Conquest Show

The news about perhaps the most thrilling Game of Thrones spin-off idea finally moving forward at HBO left many fans excited. They claim that it’s far superior to whatever the Jon Snow’s Beyond-the-Wall adventure could have been and pray that the HBO execs greenlight the show’s production once the script is ready.

However, they have some demands, too.

Fans want the Aegon’s Conquest series to be more than a bloody and brutal constant-war spree: it has to contain actual lore and reveal historical facts about Westeros.

They demand to finally learn how in Seven Hells did Dorne withstand the Targaryens’ dragons and armies and maintain its independence against all odds.

But not everyone is pleased with the Aegon’s Conquest show development. Some fans claim they’re tired of the Targaryen fetish in the community and want more shows about other Great Houses — or, at least, not solely focused on the House of the Dragon. Luckily for them, Dunk and Egg begins shooting later this year, so everyone will get their due.

Are you excited about the Aegon’s Conquest series?

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