From Grey’s Anatomy to Rural Georgia: Peacock’s New Sci-Fi Horror Expands Its Cast

Get ready to see this doctor out of scrubs.


  • Scott Speedman is a Canadian actor who portrays Dr. Nick Marsh on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy.
  • The actor is set to star in Peacock ‘s new horror thriller series opposite The Handmaid’s Tale’s Yvonne Strahovski.
  • Titled Teacup, the series is inspired by Robert McCammon’s novel Stinger.

It’s safe to say that right now, viewers are more interested in the sci-fi genre than ever before. Exercising both the feelings of danger and excitement, as well as the brains of the audience, these TV shows and movies keep people on the edge of their seats, not letting go of their attention for even a second.

From futuristic robots to the exploration of unknown galaxies, science fiction has a way of bending the reality around us in any way the writers see fit, and all the characters and viewers have to do is accept the rules of this particular universe. This opens up a whole host of possibilities for writers and producers to enrich the story.

In their own quest to create the most exciting sci-fi horror experience, Peacock has already assembled a very strong team of professionals behind the cameras, and now they are expanding the cast.

What Will the TV Show Teacup Be About?

From Grey’s Anatomy to Rural Georgia: Peacock’s New Sci-Fi Horror Expands Its Cast - image 1

Ordered by Peacock, Teacup will be a horror thriller show inspired by Robert McCammon’s bestseller Stinger, published back in 1998. The events of the novel take place in Inferno, Texas, in a span of 24 hours after the desert is invaded by two spaceships, one of which carries an alien.

The show’s premise will change the setting slightly, taking viewers to rural Georgia, where a group of people must come together in the face of the mysterious threat that threatens their survival. Although the nature of said mystery is unclear from the little information that has been publicly released, it is safe to assume that the threat will not come from Earth.

James and Maggie Chenoweth will be two of the characters fighting for their lives. The Handmaid’s Tale’s Yvonne Strahovski, previously announced to play Maggie, will star alongside Grey’s Anatomy’s Scott Speedman.

If you’re not familiar with the Shondaland medical drama, the actor may be known for his roles in Animal Kingdom, Felicity, and You. As of now, there are no public details about the characters of James and Maggie other than their names, but audiences are waiting for more announcements.

One thing’s for sure, Dr. Marsh’s surgical skills would have been most helpful in a horror setting, no matter what turn the story took.

From Grey’s Anatomy to Rural Georgia: Peacock’s New Sci-Fi Horror Expands Its Cast - image 2

Created by the master of all things horror, James Wan, and written by Yellowstone ‘s Ian McCulloch, Teacup already promises to be the show you don’t want to miss. Keep an eye out for more news and behind-the-scenes updates.

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