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Amy Carlson (Linda Reagan)

Amy Carlson - Blue Bloods
Throughout Blue Bloods’ extended run on CBS, Amy Carlson has continued to rise up the ranks on the show in the role of Linda Reagan. She started out as a “reoccurring” cast member for Season 1, then earned the distinction of “Also Starring” for Seasons 2 through 4. And then, with Season 5, the TV actress finally became a main cast member of the popular series. Alas, it was a distinction that didn’t last long. Between the end of Season 7 and the start of Season 8, Linda Reagan died in a medivac helicopter crash while tending to a patient. Since the character’s shocking death, Carlson has spoken critically about Linda Reagan’s sudden departure from Blue Bloods.

The TV actress claimed in a Deadline interview that she was “surprised” by how the writers handled the character’s demise, and she noted that she “wouldn’t have done that” in regards to how her character perished. Carlson ultimately believes that, if she was given a choice, she would’ve shown the character’s death on-screen, to give the fans a chance to mourn.

Jennifer Esposito (Detective Jackie Curatola)

Jennifer Esposito - Blue Bloods
Playing a prominent role in Blue Bloods’ early seasons, Jennifer Esposito wasn’t a main cast member on the CBS drama but she earned the “Also Starring” distinction during her tenure. Alas, she didn’t end up staying on Blue Bloods for long. Esposito was taken off Blue Bloods before its fourth season, with Detective Jackie Curatola, her character, taking an early retirement from the NYPD after she started showing signs of burnout.Later, in a statement, a CBS spokesperson claimed Jennifer Esposito could only commit to a “very limited part-time schedule” on the series, which ultimately wasn’t conducive for their initial plans for the character. But Esposito spoke out against this aforementioned CBS statement on her social media account. The actress noted that the TV network put her on unpaid leave and ultimately barred her from working elsewhere after she was diagnosed with Celiac disease and needed a reduced schedule due to this condition, resulting in her being let go unceremoniously from the series.

Nick Turturro (Sergeant Anthony Renzulli)

Nick Turturro - Blue Bloods
An experienced police sergeant with a lot of knowledge about the 12th Precinct, Nicholas Turturro’s Sergeant Anthony Renzulli has made close to 40 appearances on the popular CBS series, but he hasn’t been on Blue Bloods since 2016. His character hasn’t been killed off the show, so the possibility of Renzulli coming back for another episode in the later seasons isn’t out of the question, but he hasn’t made an appearance since Season 6.

Even though the actor hasn’t been on the program in nearly five years, Turturro kept himself busy with a variety of different film and TV projects. Notably, Spike Lee’s BlacKkKlansman, Kevin Can Wait, The Name of the Rose, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and various other projects currently in different stages. And he clearly enjoyed the part. In 2013, Turturro asked his Twitter followers to tell Blue Bloods and CBS that they wanted more of Renzulli, as well as possibly give him a spin-off. It’s possible this tweet was mostly in jest, but it looks like he likes the role.

David Ramsey (Mayor Carter Poole)

David Ramsey - Blue Bloods
Elected to his high-standing political position in Season 2, David Ramsey’s Mayor Carter Poole has played a consistent role throughout Blue Bloods, though he’s been absent from the CBS series after Season 7. While he hasn’t appeared on Blue Bloods since 2017, the television actor remains busy with a few other projects, most notably in the role of John Diggle in Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow. Most likely, his ongoing commitments to this TV universe are preventing him from making more consistent appearances on Blue Bloods. But Mayor Carter Poole hasn’t been killed off, so it’s not without reason that he might show up on the show again someday.

As we noted earlier, a shockingly high number of Blue Bloods cast members remain on the CBS series even as the show is now settled into the double digits in terms of seasons. It looks like the actors involved don’t have too many grievances about the continued work, and the show writers (well, for the most part, at least) have done their part to keep their characters alive and thriving on the popular Friday night series.

There’s always a chance that a few of these actors and characters will bid adieu to the show sometime in the future, as a couple of them have been speculated to leave in short notice. But, for the most part, these cast members are involved for the long haul, and that is not expected to change anytime in the near future — so far as we know, at least. That said, there have been at least a couple controversial exits — as we’ve noted.

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