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Fans Question Save Blue Bloods Petition While It Gains Traction

While some Blue Bloods fans are desperate to prevent the show’s cancellation, others argue there’s no way it can keep going for even one more extra season.


  • In November 2023, CBS officially announced that Blue Bloods would end with Season 14.
  • Fans’ anti-cancellation petition on has collected just under 2000 signatures so far.
  • Some fans are convinced that saving Blue Bloods is a bad idea as the show has run its course.

The official announcement of the Blue Bloods cancellation came as the storm after the calm. After the show’s cast and crew agreed to pay cuts to keep the series going, fans were counting on at least 15 full seasons before the finale, and the decision to ax Blue Bloods at Season 14 was unexpected and devastating for the audience.

Fans Launched an Anti-Cancellation Petition

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Following the news of the upcoming finale, Blue Bloods fan Alex Bogue created a petition for Paramount Plus and NBC (which was a mistake since Blue Bloods is a CBS series) asking them to reconsider the show’s cancellation. Unfortunately, the petition failed to get enough attention from the community.

At the time of the writing, two months after the start of the #SaveBlueBloods petition, it has just reached the 2000 milestone. Considering the show’s fan base, it’s a rather underwhelming result, and it’s unlikely that it will affect the cancellation in any way — especially since it’s addressed to the wrong network.

Though hundreds of fans have joined the petition at this point, not everyone is keen on seeing Blue Bloods run for another couple of years.

Not All Fans Want to #SaveBlueBloods

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Network mistakes and signature problems aside, there’s another reason why the petition might not achieve its goal. While many fans were heartbroken to learn that Blue Bloods was coming to a closure in the near future, others reacted differently.

“I love the show but I feel like it’s a natural end. This isn’t a situation where you can see it’s a brilliant show and the network is pulling the plug preemptively,” Reddit user Lady_Cath_Diafol pointed out.

Many others agree with them. The general sentiment of the anti-cancellation opponents is that, despite being a great show, Blue Bloods has run its course and has to end on a (hopefully) high note without turning into a 20-season dumpster fire.

“If you want to keep the show going, where [do] the story and the characters go? How much more growth potential do these characters have and can it be integrated into the story? [Every possible arc has already been explored.] The show has had a great run and I will miss it but nothing lasts forever,” grover71780 added.

Some fans also pointed out that no matter the number of petitions they sign, it will always be a matter of ratings and revenue for the networks. Unless Blue Bloods Season 14 suddenly works absolute wonders and brings the show back to its former glory, there’s no use in even signing any petitions. Everything comes down to money.

As painful as it may sound, it’s the truth: the networks need their shows to perform, and even the most dedicated fans can’t argue with the cold revenue numbers.

Do you think there’s a chance to #SaveBlueBloods?

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