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Exclusive: Y&R’s Mishael Morgan Wants You to be ‘Sway-ed’ by Her New Role

Mishael Morgan has stayed quite busy in between her stints as Amanda on The Young and the Restless. She recently completed a role in the film Sway, which is currently hitting the independent film festival circuit. In the movie, she plays Lisa, a woman with a hidden agenda.

Mishael Morgan: The World Is Swaying

Morgan not only acts in the film, but she’s one of the movie’s executive producers as is the star of Sway, Emmanuel Kabongo. “I’m a personal friend with Emmanuel,” she tells Soap Hub. “He’s the original executive producer.” The film tells the story of a man [Kabongo’s character, whose nickname is “Sway”], who is a Black community leader. His life spirals out of control after his brother goes missing. Sway is blackmailed by a strange woman (Morgan’s character, Lisa).

Because the movie is an independent feature, the tale can go to some grittier places. “I think that’s the reason we wanted to tell the story,” Morgan says. “Sometimes, with networks, there are parameters. We wanted to make our film and then decide where it fits. We didn’t want the creative process suffocated.”

Sway is already an award winner. Morgan’s Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series, which she won in 2022 for playing Y&R’s Amanda, has some company. She has won the Jury Prize at the 2024 Canadian Black Screen Awards for her role in Sway. Kabongo also won a Jury Prize as well as Best Actor, and the film won Best Picture at the same awards.

Viewers will learn that the carefully crafted life that Sway has created for himself isn’t what it appears to be. The movie asks whether or not he’s the hero, the villain, or the victim in his tale. “We are so complex as human beings,” Morgan says. “The film is designed to ‘sway’ you back and forth. You’re questioning not just who Sway is but who are all of these different characters?”

Morgan’s ability to work quickly as an actress, which she learned to do in the fast-paced world of soaps, came in handy when filming Sway. “We all have other projects, so we had to align everybody and get this done the quickest way we could,” she says. “Seven days was our target, and we did it.” Soap Hub will bring information about where viewers can view the film as details become available.

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