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Eva LaRue Previews Her New Role On General Hospital

As previously reported, Eva LaRue, best known to soap fans as All My Children‘s Dr. Maria Santos (a role she played, off and on, between 1993 and 2011), is joining the cast of General Hospital. The actress will make her debut on Monday, February 26, and the storyline she’ll be embroiled in is sizzling hot — not to mention timely and universal.

Eva LaRue Is Back In Daytime

The last time that LaRue was on a daytime drama was in 2019 and she was guest starring on The Young and the Restless (work that netted her a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Guest Performance).

But despite her over familiarity with the genre, the powerhouse performer admits to TVInsider’s Stephanie Sloan that she still get nervous:

“Of all the different genres, soaps are by far the hardest, I think, because there’s an element of theater to it; there’s no stop-and-go like in nighttime television or in a feature film. There’s no getting to do it again unless there’s some major technical difficulty, so there’s that flying-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of feel to it, and it’s also so much dialogue, which is a little anxiety-producing, especially when you’re jumping back into it again after a bunch of years break. So, it’s exciting and scary all at the same time.”

LaRue has been on set filming since January, and she shared that the best part of the job has been running into all the familiar faces:

“When I went in to go do my wardrobe fitting, the first person I saw was Finola [Hughes, Anna], so that was fun. There’s a new guy on the show, Adam Harrington (John “Jagger” Cates), that I did a Lifetime movie (Cries in the Dark) with. He started the same day I did. And Nancy Grahn (Alexis Davis) and I hadn’t worked together before, but she and I are friends. Just seeing everybody has been a blast.”

Equally thrilling was sharing the stage with Maurice Benard and his “iconic” alter-ego. “We’ve never worked together before, but we’re acquaintance friends. But it felt so legit,” LaRue enthuses.

As for what you can expect when LaRue’s Natalia Rogers-Ramirez discovers that her daughter Allison AKA Blaze is not only gay but dating Kristina Davis (Lexi Ainsworth) — FIREWORKS!

“My first scenes are such chewy material, and I was really grateful for that,” LaRue previews. “[Blaze] knew her mom was not going to understand it and she doesn’t. It’s not malicious and it’s not out of hate; it’s just out of a surprise and shock and conservativism that Natalia is having a really hard time being okay with it. I think the storyline is great because it’s so topical. There are so many nuances to having to play it with some heart, depth, and understanding.”

Are you anxiously anticipating Eva LaRue’s triumphant return to the suds world? Let us know in the comments below.

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