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DOOL Spoilers: Nicole And EJ Ecstatic When Holly Wakes Up, But She Only Remembers Tate Giving Her Something-Drugs?

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers and updates tease Nicole and EJ DiMera (Arianne Zucker, Dan Feurreriegel) are ecstatic when Holly Jonas (Ashley Puzemis) wakes up. But as they ask her what she remembers, she only remembers Tate Black (Jamie Martin Mann) giving her something.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Tate Black Gave Her A Present At Christmas

Tate, now staying in a halfway house, is far from being able to visit Holly, but is told that she’s now at home, still in a coma. He remembers the present he gave her at the party for her birthday and doubled as a Christmas present.

It could be days or it could be months before Holly awakens, but Nicole was told her brain wave activity is excellent-she may not be awake but know what’s going on.

Holly just wouldn’t be able to respond to it yet, but hopefully soon, she explains as she and EJ watch over her.

Holly slightly responds to stimuli, which is a good thing, and she will squeeze Nicole’s hand. But all in all, she’s pretty out of it and could be for a while.

DOOL Spoilers – Holly Jonas Awakens

Holly awakens the day after and both of them are thrilled that she’s come to and asks what, if anything, she remembers-she remembers Tate, but doesn’t clarify from when.

EJ has to go to work and so Nicole stays with Holly, and after he leaves Holly says something about Tate, and then says she remembers him giving her something.

There’s a misunderstanding on Nicole’s part of what Holly means, and she thinks Holly remembers Tate giving her drugs at the party!

What Holly really may remember is him giving her a birthday present, that being a couple of months ago now.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Details, Details Needed

Details are needed and Nicole tries to get Holly more awake and engaged-but all in all, Holly’s still pretty much out of it.

She mumbles when she tries to answer questions like she may be under sedation, and doesn’t act like she knew Johnny DiMera (Carson Boatman) visited the day before.

She doesn’t seem to remember exactly what happened to her and has a lot of questions, but she says the last thing she remembered was Tate giving her something.

Tate had brought the Christmas-birthday present with him to the party since at Christmas she was still hung up on Johnny.

Nicole’s brain still goes to the party and Holly being given drugs, and assumes she means Tate gave her drugs!

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