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DOOL Spoilers: Leo’s Life In Danger Because Of Melinda’s Threat-To Squeal, Or Not To Squeal?

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers and updates tease Leo Stark’s (Greg Rikaart) life may be in danger because of Melinda Trask’s (Tina Huang) threats.

At Jude Brady’s (uncast infant role) christening, Leo shows up and suffers guilt, and she threatens his life over his exposing her secret!

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Leo Stark Was Banned From The Christening, Comes Anyway

Leo was banned from the christening, but he shows up anyway-he helped deliver the baby at the side of the road after he and Dimitri Von Leuschner (Peter Porte) crashed.

They collided with Nicole DiMera, (Arianne Zucker) who was nearly nine months pregnant, and she went into labor-Leo delivered him and Dimitri was to take him to the hospital.

But then everything went sideways-the hospital was crawling with cops and Dimitri instead took baby boy DiMera to Sloan Peterson’s (Jessica Serfaty) place where she and Melinda were discussing adoption.

A deal was made for Jude to be presented as the baby Sloan and Eric Brady (Greg Vaughan) were trying to adopt. Melinda had been working on an adoption deal but couldn’t find a baby-all of a sudden, she had one.

DOOL Spoilers – Closely Guarded Secrets

Leo knows everything-including that Jude is actually Eric’s real son, the DNA results having been tampered with when Nicole and Sloan were pregnant at the same time.

Unfortunately, Sloan miscarried and EJ DiMera (Dan Feurreriegel) has no idea the baby he and Nicole were led to believe died isn’t even his, let alone is Jude!

That is the secret that Melinda is ready to kill to keep, including killing Leo, but his guilt is eating him up inside the more time goes on.

Melinda isn’t the district attorney anymore so she’s in private practice, and if this got out, that she handled an illegal adoption, she could be disbarred!

But Leo’s guilt is getting to be so bad, especially when becoming aware of Nicole’s deep grief and pain and nearly losing her older daughter, he considers coming clean.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – To Squeal, Or Not To Squeal-That Is The Question!

Sloan has been paying Leo very well to keep his trap shut about what he knows—and he realizes he’ll lose a big money source if he tells. But he’s haunted by what Nicole has gone through, and he’s attached to Jude as if he was his own baby.

He’s no perfect angel himself, but he regrets that Jude would grow up with a snake like Sloan as a mother-although Eric’s a great dad.

Leo remembers all too well growing up with a snake as a mother-Diana Cooper (Judith Chapman), he doesn’t want to see Jude grow up like he did.

Leo decides it’s time to up the ante, and if Melinda keeps threatening him he’ll squeal like the little piggy all the way home!

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