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DOOL Spoilers: Could Konstantin’s Memory Be Wrong-Someone Else Shot Him And Catharina, John Shot At The Gunman?

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers and rumors tease Konstantin Meleounis’ (John Kapelos) memory could be wrong-for one thing, traumatic memories are often garbled.

Konstantin’s recollection had him and his daughter Catharina (Ellie Patrikios) in their home when John Black (Drake Hogestyn) held a gun on them as the Pawn-and shot him and his daughter.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Steve Johnson Heard A Shot But Didn’t See It

Steve Johnson (Stephen Nichols) was there in Aria at the time with John, who at that time was under the influence of brainwashing as the Pawn.

He was outside the house, John having gone in first and heard a gunshot. Konstantin, unconscious lay on the floor and Catharina was on the floor too, she was dead-but John appeared to be in a trance and holding a gun.

This was what Steve told Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall) about what had happened-and John happened to walk in after overhearing.

Since John was holding the gun and in a trance, and there were two bodies on the floor-one unconscious, one dead-the circumstantial evidence didn’t look good.

They had been sent by Victor Kiriakis (John Aniston) with a message for Konstantin, who wasn’t his friend, he was his enemy!

DOOL Spoilers – John Black Doesn’t Remember, He Was The Pawn

John doesn’t remember what happened, he was the Pawn and doesn’t know whether he shot either Catharina or Konstantin, he doesn’t even remember being in Aria with Steve.

Yet Konstantin claims to remember his eyes—presumably when he was holding the gun and aiming at him, and his story has changed.

At first he said John killed her in front of his eyes and now he was waking up with her dead, so which is the truth?

However, Konstantin was unconscious and he didn’t know Catharina had been shot until he came to-and Steve wasn’t in there at all, he came in after it happened.

So many scenarios could have happened behind those closed doors-John could have come in on another gunman and shot at him!

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Lying Or Misremembering?

A valid question would be if Konstantin is out and out lying, which does seem to be his pattern, or if he’s simply misrembering what actually happened because of trauma.

Undoubtedly, he’s telling the truth about his daughter being shot and killed, and it was traumatic, but what really happened-Steve saw him unconscious and the girl dead.

Then he got John out of there, not being sure what happened-except for John holding a gun in their direction and acting like he was in a trance.

But since Konstantin keeps lying and changing his narratives for his own convenience, what if really happed was this?

John came in, and Konstantin was holding his daughter as a hostage in front of him and his gun went off accidentally-they didn’t hang around to see if each body had its own bullet!

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