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Days of our Lives Spoilers: Xander Pleads His Innocence To Harris

Days of our Lives spoilers for Wednesday, March 27, 2024, tease Xander setting the record straight with Harris. He’s not holding back so you won’t want to miss these explosive scenes!

Previously On DAYS: Brady went at Alex about dating his baby mamas while Theresa had it out with Kristen. Later, Brady went at Kristen and Theresa flirted it up with Alex. Tripp and Wendy talked about what happened in captivity, and later they relayed their harrowing tale to Jada. Additionally, Paulina and Abe counted their blessings as they recounted Lexie gracing them with a miracle. Now, let’s talk about what’s coming up next.

It Wasn’t Me!

Xander (Paul Telfer) is an innocent man. He knows it and he’s sure Harris (Steve Burton) knows it. So, why isn’t Harris clearing his name? That’s what he wants to know! Xander takes the opportunity to have it out with the top cop when they run into each other.

While Xander is absolutely right and Harris does, in fact, know he wants the one holding the gun, will he admit it? He made that deal with Stefan (Brandon Barash) so he can’t tell the truth. The least he can do, though, is make it known it wasn’t Xander, right?

Teen Drama

The guilt is eating Holly (Ashley Puzemis) alive and she’s not sure how much more she can take. Tate’s (Jamie Martin Mann) whole future rides on her coming clean, and she definitely should…but is she brave enough? She spends her day pumping herself up to spill all.

As for Tate, he spends his day journalling about Holly. He has a lot of big feelings to sort through and puts them all down on paper. Will this new healthy coping mechanism help? Most definitely.

A Forgiving Heart

Watch for Stephanie (Abigail Klein) and Everett (Blake Berris) to have a chat. She’s upset over what went down between them…and Jada (Elia Cantu), but she can’t stay mad forever. Well, at least not at him. Is she treading through dangerous waters?

Will Harris do the right thing and clear Xander? Share your prediction in the comments!

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