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Days of our Lives Spoilers: Holly’s Shocking Confession Stuns Nicole and EJ at Jude’s Reception

Buckle up, soap fans, because Salem is about to get rocked by some jaw-dropping revelations and scandalous behavior! Kristen DiMera, who’s been flying under the radar lately, is ready to stir the pot again. And poor Holly Jonas? The guilt is eating her alive.

Kristen DiMera Stirs the Pot with a Steamy Kiss

Let’s start with Kristen, shall we? This woman just can’t help herself when it comes to causing trouble, especially if it means getting a rise out of Brady Black. Picture this: Kristen, out of the blue, plants a steamy kiss on none other than Alex Kiriakis, right as Brady and Theresa Donovan walk in. Talk about awkward! Brady’s left picking his jaw up off the floor, while Theresa’s seeing red.

Theresa Donovan Warns Alex Kiriakis About Kristen

Now, Theresa knows a thing or two about Kristen’s crazy antics. After all, this is the same woman who straight-up stole an embryo from Theresa’s womb and carried it to term herself. So, Theresa wastes no time warning Alex to keep his distance from the resident Salem psycho. But will Alex listen to his girlfriend’s advice, or will he get tangled up in Kristen’s web of chaos?

Tate Black Wrongfully Imprisoned, Holly Jonas Holds the Key

Meanwhile, that stolen embryo Kristen swiped from Theresa? Well, he’s all grown up now and goes by the name Tate Black. Poor kid’s stuck in a halfway house for a crime he didn’t even commit, and Holly Jonas is the only one who can set the record straight.

See, Holly overdosed on some pills, and everyone thinks Tate supplied them. But the truth is, those drugs were Holly’s all along. The problem? Coming clean would break her mom Nicole Walker’s heart into a million pieces.

Holly Confesses the Truth at Jude’s Christening

So, when does Holly finally spill the beans? During Jude’s christening at the church, of all places! She pulls Eric Brady aside and confesses that the drugs were hers. But that’s not the only bombshell at this ceremony. Leo Stark tries to expose the truth about Jude, but Melinda Trask shuts him down before he can blow up her world and Sloan Petersen’s.

Holly Reveals Tate’s Innocence at DiMera Mansion Reception

Fast forward to the reception at the DiMera mansion, and Holly can’t keep quiet any longer. She blurts out the whole ugly truth: Tate is innocent, and he never gave her those opioids. Nicole’s going to be absolutely devastated, but will EJ DiMera finally feel a little guilty for how he’s been treating Tate lately?

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