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Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Did Theresa Plant Evidence To Frame Xander For Harris’ Shooting?

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers indicate that Theresa Donovan (Emily O’Brien) has been under Konstantin Meleounis’ (John Kapelos) thumb since before they left Greece.

Theresa and Konstantin decided that Alex Kiriakis (Robert Scott Wilson) was the more appropriate choice to be Victor Kiriakis’ (ex-John Aniston) long-lost son. Did Theresa also plant the evidence to frame Xander for shooting Harris Michaels?

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Konstantin Meleounis Wants Xander Cook Out Of His Way

Days of Our Lives Spoilers indicate that not only does Konstantin dislike Xander. Konstantin wants Xander out of the way because he interferes with Xander’s plans for Maggie Kiriakis (Suzanne Rogers).

Konstantin wants Xander as far away from Maggie as he can get him because Konstantin wants Maggie’s money.

Konstantin is one of the only people who know the truth about Xander’s parentage and he has no intention of allowing Xander to find out that he is Victor’s heir.

Konstantin is determined to get what he believes he is owed from Victor and he knows Xander would not allow that. Xander knows Konstantin is up to no good.

DOOL Spoilers – Theresa Donovan Hates Xander Cook

Theresa hates Xander and if the truth comes out, Theresa knows she will lose Alex as well. It would not take a lot of convincing to persuade Theresa to frame Xander for attacking Harris.

However, all Konstantin would have to do is threaten to expose Theresa’s part in naming Alex as the unknown son.

Theresa claims that she wants to be a better person but she will do whatever it takes to cover herself no matter who gets hurt by it.

Theresa probably would not argue about framing Xander as payback over things he has done in the past. Xander has not been a standup person for the better part of his life.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Theresa Donovan Is Determined To Marry Alex Kiriakis

Theresa’s number one priority is to marry Alex. Theresa isn’t necessarily in love with Alex, but she likes him and she can’t have Brady Black (Eric Martsolf).

Theresa has come onto Brady a couple of times since she has been with Alex. Alex is extremely jealous of Brady. However, Alex is far from ready to get married himself.

Did Theresa plant this evidence to make sure Xander was arrested for shooting Harris? Will Xander go down for a shooting that he knew nothing about?

Has trying to be a gentleman when it came to Sarah Horton (Linsey Godfrey) been one of the biggest mistakes Xander could make? Should Xander have stayed home with Sarah instead of taking that run?

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