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Days of our Lives’ Jackée Harry Teases Paulina Sees The Light….Or, A Light

The end appears to be nigh for Paulina Price Carver on Days of our Lives…but you know what they say about appearances.

Jackée Harry Previews Paulina’s Predicament

Her affairs in order post refinement of her last will and testament, Paulina settles in, hoping for the best but praying for the worst.

Harry previews to Soap Opera Digest that Abe (James Reynolds) encourages Paulina to continue fighting the good fight, but the sentiment falls on deaf ears — initially.

Says the actress, “[Paulina’s] like, ‘You can’t even remember me in this life, so why should I stay alive for you?’” Luckily, Abe manages to get through.

“He has a heart-to-heart with her,” explains Harry. “He tells Paulina that he loves her even though he has amnesia. She knows that he loves her for the woman she is, as the man he is in that moment. They don’t have to go so far back in memory.”

But no sooner does Paulina resolve to soldier on than she’s enveloped in a bright light. According to Harry, “Paulina thinks she’s going on to heaven…” But is that actually the case? On DAYS, anything is possible.

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