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Days of our Lives Early Spoilers March 11-15: Brady Pushes & Stefan Flees!

Hello, Days of Our Lives enthusiasts, I’m Audra, I’m here to provide you with the Early Edition spoilers for the upcoming week, from Monday, March 11th to Friday, March 15th. This week is packed with drama – there’s another arrest, a fugitive on the run, someone’s dark past resurfaces, and we can expect some miraculous interventions. Stick around to catch all the excitement.

For those new to our updates, don’t forget to hit subscribe so you stay in the loop. Now, let’s quickly recap what’s happening this week on Days of Our Lives, starting with Wednesday, March 6th. Julie Williams seeks assistance at the Horton house’s remains, with Chad, DEA, and Roman lending a hand. Brady Black appeals to Nicole Walker regarding Holly Jonas and Tate Black’s situation. Meanwhile, Chad and Stephanie discuss future plans while working together at the Horton house. Xander Cook receives support from Sarah Horton amidst his challenges. The latest developments suggest exoneration for Xander, given new evidence implicating Stefan.

Everett undergoes an intense therapy session with Dr. Marina Evans, delving into his alter ego, Bobby Stein. As anticipation builds, viewers wonder if Everett will follow a sinister path akin to Nick Fallon’s. Moving on to Thursday, March 7th, Eric Brady reconnects with Nicole Walker, while Holly Jonas is surprised by an unexpected visitor – her former stepfather, Leo Stark. Meanwhile, Steve Johnson, John Black, and Ava Vitali devise a plan to rescue hostages Trip and Wendy from dire circumstances.

As the week progresses, tensions rise. On Friday, March 8th, Steve and John orchestrate a daring escape plan involving Clyde Weston, aiming to locate the missing hostages. Simultaneously, Paulina’s health deteriorates, causing distress for her daughters, Lonnie and Chanel. Meanwhile, Trip and Wendy’s survival hangs in the balance as they struggle for air.

Looking ahead to the following week, Monday presents a glimmer of hope for Paulina as an unexpected event promises a miraculous intervention. Holly receives a surprise visit from Tate, leading to revelations about recent events. Tuesday sees John, Steve, and Ava racing against time to revive Trip and Wendy, while Brady seeks answers from Sarah regarding Holly’s condition.

Wednesday brings relief as Wendy and Trip survive their ordeal, prompting introspection into their shared experiences. Eli and Lonnie contemplate a job offer that could change their lives, while uncertainty lingers over Sloan’s custody of Jude. Thursday sees familial gatherings and Maggie’s growing bond with Constantine, despite lingering suspicions. Finally, on Friday, Tate’s troubles escalate, Brady and Teresa confront their son’s actions, and questions arise regarding Stefan’s whereabouts.

Additionally, Ealysey announces a recast for the character Sloan, with Natasha Hall stepping into the role for an upcoming arc. Join us for more updates and in-depth spoilers later this week. Don’t miss out on the latest developments in the world of Days of Our Lives.

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