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Danny & Baez Romance in Blue Bloods Finale Is an Instant No From Fans

It just feels wrong for so many reasons.


  • Blue Bloods is currently in its final season.
  • The show’s writers have been hinting for a long time at a romance story between Danny and Baez.
  • However, it seems like fans are not happy about the idea.

Blue Bloods is the long-running CBS police procedural that revolves around the Reagan family and their never-ending law enforcement shenanigans. The show’s characters have been through a lot of drama, both personal and professional, and that’s no surprise, since it all happened during the show’s 14-season run.

There were many things that the fans didn’t want to see happening in the series, but got them after all. However, there’s one particular storyline that the viewers still hope won’t happen in the show.

The plot twist we are talking about is the romance between Danny and Baez. Those two have been working together as partners for so long that it’s only natural that the writers would make it seem obvious that their relationship is more than platonic.

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However, there has been nothing in the show that actually made us think about it seriously. The “cops who work together fall for each other after many years” cliché has been used in so many TV shows and movies that fans are literally begging the writers not to use it in the show’s final season.

What also makes fans angry is the fact that it’s common to sexualize any close male-female relationship, when in fact it can just be mutual respect and platonic love.

“It’s so nice to see a partner duo that isn’t pushed together as a couple. A lot of shows do that, and it doesn’t work most of the time. I like that they are just partners and very close friends. It’s a great bond,” Redditor h3yd000ch00ch00 said.

Another reason why fans hate the idea is that they would be a copycat couple of Jamie and Eddie. And while their romance/work relationship is also quite edgy, they seem more in sync.

“I hope they don’t. There’s no need for a superfluous love story in this show. We’ve already got Jamie and Eddie, so what would be the point of another one? Romantic story lines are just storylines for when the writers have no other ideas,” Redditor BiobsyJones said.

Still, it’s only natural to romanticize the relationship between two beautiful people as close as Danny and Baez, and there are some fans who wouldn’t mind. After all, it’s the finale, anything can happen…

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