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Blue Bloods: Tom Selleck Admits He Was Wrong About The Show’s Most Iconic Part

The actor wanted to cut the signature bit of Blue Bloods when he first got on set.


  • When he first read the Blue Bloods pilot script, Tom Selleck inquired whether the long dinner scene would be cut.
  • He was told that the Sunday dinners would be the centerpiece of the show, and that put the actor off.
  • Now, Tom Selleck admits that he was wrong about the Reagan dinner which became the staple of Blue Bloods.

With Blue Bloods drawing to a closure after Season 14, it’s high time to reminisce about its humble beginnings. Ironically, Blue Bloods started with Tom Selleck, the show’s most iconic star, desperately wanting to cut the part that would later become its signature: the Sunday dinner scenes. Yes, Selleck initially hated those!

Tom Selleck Was Wrong About Sunday Dinner Scenes

Despite such talks being common before, the official announcement of the Blue Bloods cancellation came rather suddenly, and this news piqued the audience’s interest in the show again. As the lead star of the hit police series, Tom Selleck became the man to answer the most questions about the show’s and his future.

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Thinking back to the very start of Blue Bloods, Selleck recalls how he misunderstood its concept. The idea of long dinner scenes in each episode put the actor off.

“[Now,] it’s the audience’s favorite part, [but] when I saw the eight-page dinner scene in Leonard Goldberg’s pilot script, I said, ‘They’re going to cut that, aren’t they?’ And he answered, ‘No, that will be a centerpiece of the show.’ He was right,” the Frank Reagan star shared with TV Insider.

Sunday Dinner Scenes Became The Staple Of Blue Bloods

It’s impossible to imagine Blue Bloods without the classic family dinners. When someone mentions the show, you picture the table with all the Reagans gathered around it, not the police precinct, Danny’s car, or anything else. It’s the Sunday dinners that make Blue Bloods as much a family show as a police procedural.

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Fortunately, the creators of Blue Bloods had a strong concept in mind by the time Tom Selleck and other actors were invited; otherwise, the future Commissioner might have just changed their visions after the legendary actor’s notion. But that didn’t happen, and we’ll surely cherish the Sunday dinners even more in the upcoming Season 14, the grand finale of the entire Blue Bloods saga.

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