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Blue Bloods to Pay Tribute to Its Recently Departed Star & Their Character

The upcoming Blue Bloods episode will pay tribute to both late guest star Treat Williams and former detective Lenny Ross whom the actor portrayed on the show.


  • Treat Williams portrayed Frank Reagan’s former partner, ex-detective Lenny Ross, as a Blue Bloods guest star.
  • The actor untimely passed away on June 12, 2023, as a result of a road accident.
  • The upcoming Blue Bloods Season 14 Episode 3 Fear No Evil will be a tribute episode to Treat Williams.

Commissioner Frank Reagan is a respectable older gentleman, and he has quite a baggage of wisdom and experience to share with his younger relatives and subordinates. However, such age comes with its fair share of grievances, and Frank’s personal list of those will increase yet again in the upcoming episode.

Blue Bloods Pays Tribute to Late Star in Fear No Evil

The upcoming Season 14 Episode 3 of Blue Bloods is going to be special, but not in a cheery and positive way. Titled Fear No Evil, this episode will be a tribute to Treat Williams, the show’s recurring guest star who portrayed a former detective Lenny Ross. Ross was Frank Reagan’s former partner back in their days on the force.

In a grimly fitting fashion, Treat Williams’s last appearance on Blue Bloods happened in Season 13’s penultimate episode Irish Exits in which his character, Lenny Ross, revealed to the Commissioner that he was dying of cancer. Now, ten months later, both Williams and Ross have passed, leaving the series behind them for good.

Treat Williams Deserves an Appropriate Tribute

While his character wasn’t central to Blue Bloods, Treat Williams made sure his Lenny Ross was one of the most memorable and likable guest stars in the series. Well-meaning, old-fashioned, and proud of his job, Ross spelled trouble every time he appeared on the screen — but was always kind and loyal to the Commissioner.

Treat Williams tragically passed after a road accident on June 12, 2023. The actor’s motorcycle was cut off by a car during a turn, resulting in grave injuries, and he sadly couldn’t be saved. Half a year after his untimely demise, Blue Bloods resumed airing and saw only fitting to pay tribute to this beloved actor, author, and director.

Fear No Evil, the tribute episode to Treat Williams, will air on March 1, 2024.

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