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Blue Bloods S14 Brings Back a Familiar Face (And It’s The Perfect Casting)

Sometimes the perfect casting already looks familiar…


  • Blue Bloods is coming to an end after the upcoming season.
  • The show follows a family of NYPD detectives, officers, and district attorneys.
  • Instead of kicking the season off with a new character, writers have made one of the suspects a familiar face.
  • Other cameos are likely planned for Season 14.

It’s been a while since the writers’ and actors’ strikes in Hollywood brought productions of our favorite television shows to a screeching halt. Now that we’re back to business as usual, we can look forward to the bittersweet end of CBS’s long-running hit Blue Bloods.

If You Don’t Know:

For those who have been living in a cave for the last little while, Blue Bloods is an American cop procedural that has been on air since 2010. The show follows the Reagan family, a tight-knit Irish Catholic clan whose members all work in law enforcement. There’s patriarch and NYPD Police Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck ), his eldest son and NYPD detective Danny (Donnie Wahlberg), youngest son and NYPD sergeant Jamie (Will Estes), and daughter Erin (Bridget Moynahan), an assistant district attorney.

Throughout the seasons the family has dealt with murderers, mobsters, corruption, tragedy and loss, but they always gather around the dinner table on Sunday evenings and connect as a family.

Saying Goodbye

February 2024 will see the launch of the final season of Blue Bloods, and we’re starting to get more details about how CBS will wrap up its long-running drama. That means that some familiar faces might be returning to our screens.

The Season 14 premiere will see Danny and his partner Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez) investigating a homicide, which leads them directly to a promising suspect. Instead of making this character a one-off new face, Blue Bloods has made a perfect casting choice and brought back Malik Yoba to fill the role.

Blue Bloods S14 Brings Back a Familiar Face (And It's The Perfect Casting) - image 1

Those of you with long memories might recall that Yoba appeared in Season 6, as Danny’s former partner Darryl Reid. In season 6, he was revealed to have planted evidence during a homicide investigation.

Bringing Darryl back – and once again having him in the hot seat – is a great opportunity for Danny to grapple with his feelings around his former partner. Now, Danny and Baez will have to try to remain objective while investigating the man Danny used to trust.

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Hopefully Darryl will appear again before the end of the series, perhaps giving the writers an opportunity to redeem the character.

Not the Only Cameo

Darryl Reid isn’t the only former partner of Danny’s to reappear on Blue Bloods. Last season ended with the return of Jackie Curatola (Jennifer Esposito), who left the show after Season 3.

With the end of the series approaching and literally hundreds of Blue Bloods alumni to choose from, it seems likely that CBS will have at least a few more surprise cameos up their sleeves.

When Can You Watch It?

The final season of Blue Bloods will premiere at 10pm ET on Friday, Feb. 16 2024. There will be nine episodes premiering in the spring, but you’ll have to wait for the fall to watch the second half of the season.

While it’s always sad to see a beloved show take its final bow, it’s lucky that Blue Bloods knows ahead of time that it is being canceled. That will give the showrunners, writers, and cast time to find the perfect send off for the Reagan family and all of their allies in the NYPD.

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