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Blue Bloods Fans Share What They’ll Miss The Most After The Show’s Finale

With the hit police show coming to a closure, there’s a lot to reminisce about.


  • At the end of 2023, it was announced that Blue Bloods was officially ending with Season 14.
  • Fans are still trying to get over the fact that their go-to Friday show is coming to a closure.
  • Blue Bloods have provided its audience with many warm memories, and fans will surely rewatch it to relive those feelings.

Blue Bloods Season 14 will be the show’s finale, and as unfortunate as it is, it seems like fans are powerless to prevent its ending. Having been on air since 2010, the hit police show has had a great run and amassed a large following and a caring community of fans who can’t imagine their Fridays without the Reagan family.

Blue Bloods Fans Are Heartbroken To Watch It Go

While some people keep discovering the show for themselves even now, there are couples and families for whom watching Blue Bloods has become a tradition over the years. Fans are yet to accept that after Season 14, they will only see the Reagans on reruns, and the Commish won’t come up with new words of wisdom for them.

“It’s comfort food for me. I don’t have to worry too much about cast changes and major shifts in the show. So it’s something I’ve been able to count on and look forward to for a while. I don’t have another show that does that for me. Not right now,” Reddit user Low_Copy4023 admitted.

Blue Bloods Fans Cherish Their Favorite Moments

The show’s loyal viewers took the time to reminisce about their favorite scenes and interaction they’ll miss after Blue Bloods finale. For some, it’s the talks between Frank Reagan and the Archbishop; for others, it’s the culprits running from Danny right into Baez’s arms, or even Abigail Baker’s expressive eyes. To each their own.

“I’ll miss the Erin and Anthony fromance. Really love those two together… Amazing chemistry… The banter, bickering, protectiveness, and clear devotion between them. <…> Their duo is a highlight of the show for me, and their [episodes are] consistently my faves. I think they’d make a great spinoff,” readerista3067 wrote.</…>

With Blue Bloods coming to a closure, Friday nights will surely become emptier and colder for everyone who planned their schedule around getting home in time for the show. But it’s great that fans have so many warm memories about the series… And that whenever you’re feeling Blue, you can still rewatch the show on many services.

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