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Blue Bloods Cancelation: Here’s What Fans Have to Say About It

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CBS announced that Season 14 will be the finale of Blue Bloods, and fans are in disarray. Many are devastated; some are confused; others are cheering. Here’s what they say.


  • On November 20, CBS announced that Blue Bloods will end after Season 14.
  • Some fans took the news poorly, but most viewers saw it as a chance to end the show on a high note.
  • Fans wish Blue Bloods will make the best of the finale, tying up all the storylines in a satisfying way.

A few hours ago, the Blue Bloods Facebook page officially announced that Season 14 will be released in two parts (February & Fall 2024) and will be the finale of the series. The news came as a shocker to fans who expected Blue Bloods to last at least until Season 15, and their reactions vary from grief to actual cheering.

Here’s what Blue Bloods fans say about the cancelation on Facebook and Reddit.

How Did Blue Bloods Fans Take the Finale News?

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The majority of fans reacted to the news in the most predictable way: they’re devastated by the news, and their comments praise the cast and the crew and thank them for the amazing run Blue Bloods has had throughout its soon-to-be-14 seasons. Others look a bit deeper and see this decision as a blessing in disguise.

“While I’m sad that this wonderful show will be coming to an end after this upcoming season, I am so appreciative that the decision was made proactively, and that they are getting a proper send-off in the hopes that the cast, crew, and writers make this the best season yet knowing that this is the end,” Kristen Wannemacher wrote on Facebook.

Many fans agreed with Kristen that Blue Bloods will leave on its own terms, allowing the show to carefully finalize its storylines and create a satisfying ending rather than just get randomly canceled after Season 14 without an actual finale.

Others noted that perhaps, some cast members might have grown tired of the show and that the finale of Blue Bloods would allow them to peacefully retire. Fans are specifically worried about Tom Selleck whose health problems have had him struggle with the filming for many months now.

“I love the show. I’ve been watching steadily since the premiere. But Tom Selleck is 78 now. Let him ride off into the sunset. He’s given us so many seasons. Enjoy him and the rest of this great cast in the reruns,” Reddit user Draano pointed out.

Some fans took the opportunity to share their perfect finale for Blue Bloods. Seeing how the show is ending willingly, it has the unique opportunity to tie every character’s arc and general storyline in a satisfying fashion — a privilege most procedurals never had because of their abrupt cancelations.

“A promotion to detective for Eddie and a baby for Eddie and Jamie. Joe fully embracing his Reagan heritage and allowing himself to comfortably and happily be a part of the family. Sean getting into the family business in some capacity, Jack returning to NYC and the family as a physician (medical examiner?) and Erin and Jack to quit dancing around it and just get back together already. I don’t have a clear picture for Danny’s happy ending, but my ultimate fan fiction ends with a ceremony honoring the retiring PC, with Frank introducing Jamie as the new PC,” wrote 61Minutes2023.

Part of the viewers shared that they saw this coming from the many factors surrounding Blue Bloods in the past months.

“As disappointing as this is, it was probably inevitable, with the show starting to run out of creative steam, the cast taking a pay cut to do another season, and then the delay from the strike. I’d imagine not returning to start filming new episodes made them feel like they lost some momentum,” Reddit user Navitach suggested.

Apart from the understandable grief, many Blue Bloods fans took the finale news surprisingly stoically. They realize that going out on a high note is a unique opportunity for a procedural show and simply hope that Blue Bloods will make the best of it. After all, the Reagans will stay with us forever — as long as we have access to the Internet and the will to binge-watch the show every other Friday.

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