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Blue Bloods Better Finally Address Fans’ Biggest Complaint in S14

There won’t be any better chance.


  • Blue Bloods is a CBS procedural drama that has been on the air for 13 seasons, from 2010 to 2014.
  • The show’s upcoming season 14, which premieres on February 16, will mark the finale of the story.
  • Fans are hoping that season 14 will finally overcome the problem that the show has had from the beginning: unnecessary cliffhangers.

If there’s one thing that helps sell the show, but is hated by the majority of TV viewers, it’s cliffhangers. Of course, the more dramatic the moment at which the show leaves its viewers, the better the chances for a comeback.

However, when this tool falls into the wrong hands and is overused, it becomes a real struggle to keep watching.

Cliffhangers can be good for mid-season and season finales, especially if there is a good payoff. Leaving the audience to speculate about what is coming back makes them more engaged in the conversation and more excited about the next episodes, which is obviously a very good thing for any promotion.

But the more cliffhangers are added to moments where they aren’t really needed, the more annoying they become.

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Unfortunately, Blue Bloods fans know all about the cringe from underwhelming cliffhangers. The only hope is that the show changes its ways for the upcoming season 14.

Will There Be Season 15 of Blue Bloods?

Now that we all know that season 14 will be the last we see of the Reagans, an American Irish Catholic family in New York City with a history of working in law enforcement, there is serious concern about how the show will end.

Since the show’s first season, the CBS procedural hit has had a tendency to rely too much on abrupt endings and cliffhangers that don’t really lead anywhere.

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The struggle to fit so many of the episode’s events into television’s strict time constraints is completely understandable, but the number of important moments that were cut like this led to nothing but frustration among viewers.

Every time an episode ended with something important, like Janko and Jamie’s 30-day suspension, and the next episode started with a time jump, it just added up to disappointment.

The show has skipped too many important moments like this, leaving viewers believing they will actually see them happen on-screen, but never acting on it.

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Even an episode as beautiful as Something Blue (S9E22) ended up being ruined by the misleading feeling of suspense that didn’t make any sense.

Whatever the finale to the most family-oriented cop drama may be, the viewers are sure it won’t be short of emotions. However, the only thing they would want to avoid is the very same feeling of suspense and meaningless cliffhangers that wouldn’t lead to anything.

The final season of Blue Bloods premieres on CBS on February 16. Make sure to tune into the first episode to be the first one to see where this season is going to lead the Reagan family.

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