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Blue Bloods Anti-Cancellation Petition Falls Flat on Signatures

Fans of the CBS police drama are not ready to say goodbye to the Reagans yet.


  • On November 20, 2023, it was announced that Blue Bloods S14 would be the final season of the show.
  • Blue Bloods fans launched a petition in an attempt to save the series.
  • Despite their best effort, the petition has only gathered 893 signatures so far.

Recently, it was announced that Blue Bloods Season 14 would be the finale of the show. Fans had different reactions: while some claimed that it was a long time coming, others argued that the Reagans should keep going as long as Tom Selleck was willing to. The latter group even launched a campaign against the cancellation!

Blue Bloods Fans Petition Against Cancellation

On November 20, 2023, the official Blue Bloods Facebook account invited fans to join the crew for the “final season of Blue Bloods,” thus announcing that S14 would conclude the series. In the comment section and on other mediums, the audience shared their great memories about the show and expressed sadness at its end.

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Soon after the announcement, Alex Bogue, one of the show’s fans, started a petition asking to prevent the cancellation of Blue Bloods. Its goal is to reach the NBC and Paramount+ executives if there are enough signatures.

“It was mere moments ago when us fans got the news that Blue Bloods was getting axed after 14 seasons. While it has been on for a long time, it still has so much to offer and explore. Spread this everywhere! Use the hashtag #SaveBlueBloods. Let your voices be heard,” Bogue wrote on the petition.

By sharing this petition on Reddit and other social media, Blue Bloods fans attempt to draw more attention to their favorite show’s cancellation — but admittedly, too few people have joined the campaign so far considering the show’s popularity.

#SaveBlueBloods Petition Severely Underperforms

Blue Bloods has been among the most popular police procedurals for years now, and many fans claimed they were upset with the show’s cancellation. However, Bogue’s petition failed to summon a noticeable number of signatures supporting it.

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As of the time of writing — one and a half months after the start of the petition — there are only 893 signatures on, and 112 of these people signed the petition this week after it was shared on the Blue Bloods subreddit. This number can’t compare with the viewership stats of the show, so the petition is doing poorly.

If anything, there’s a risk that the executive might consider the current state of the campaign yet another indicator of Blue Bloods’ decline. Unless more fans join the petition and rake the signature numbers up, there’s no way for it to affect the decision that was seemingly already set in stone by the time of the announcement.

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Blue Bloods has had a great run throughout the past 13 years, and some fans agree that it was about time for the show to wrap up. Others argue that there are still many more stories the Reagans can tell — but if they want to change the decision, they have to do better than 893 signatures. Otherwise, the show will not be saved.

If you want to save Blue Bloods, we’ll leave the link to the petition below.

Do you think Blue Bloods should be canceled?

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