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Blue Bloods: 3 Best Danny Reagan Episodes for Tough Love Cop Fans

Ruthless and uncompromising, Danny Reagan is fun to watch — unless you’re his culprit, of course.

Love him or hate him, Danny Reagan is the second most important character in Blue Bloods after the Commissioner. Often too radical and unforgiving, Danny is perhaps the most divisive member of the Reagan family, but his efficiency is hard to argue with. These three fan-favorite Danny Reagan-centered episodes prove as much, too.

Season 1 Episode 17: Silver Star

A much-decorated but homeless Marine veteran gets murdered by a bunch of rich entitled executives, and as a former Marine, this sets Danny off. He takes the investigation into his own hands, eager to punish the criminals and avenge his brother-in-arms, but the memories the case brings back are too hard to control.

As Danny manages to get himself together, he gives his all to this increasingly hard investigation, and his family aids him: with Erin’s help, they build a strong case against the murderers.

Season 2 Episode 12: The Job

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Danny’s wife Linda has always been the one person who could make him forget about his work; but work doesn’t ever forget about Danny. When driving with his kids, the detective strikes a person who runs in front of his Jeep. As Danny tends to the injured man, his pursuer opens fire, nearly hitting Danny’s children in the car.

Danny and Jackie take it upon themselves to find the shooter and take him into custody, but there’s a bigger storm waiting for the detective at home. Linda is shaken to the core and doesn’t want to tolerate such dangers from Danny’s job anymore.

Season 3 Episode 12: Framed

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Danny finds himself in quite a predicament: a smooth-sailing investigation turns into a nightmare when a tipped-off officer finds cocaine in his car and arrests him. At the family meeting, Frank Reagan tells the family they can’t be involved with Danny’s case, but Henry still reaches out to Erin’s ex-husband to represent his grandson.

When Danny’s missing gun resurfaces in the murder of the bookie he was investigating, the detective begins to connect the dots. From custody, he does his best to pinpoint the person who framed him.

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