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B&B Spoilers: Steffy Tells Finn She Killed His Mother

On the February 28 episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, spoilers tease that Steffy tells Finn some surprising information about Sheila’s death. Carter tells Ridge and Thomas the shocking news about Sheila.

Sheila’s Startling Death

Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) is in quite a state of shock after stabbing Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) to death with a kitchen knife. Yes, she did say that the only way she would ever be free of Sheila terrorizing her is if she were dead. Yes, they were strong words. Did she — or any of us viewers — believe that Steffy would actually kill Sheila? We are all still reeling.

Finn (Tanner Novlan) came home to quite a ghastly scene, as Sheila lay seemingly dead in his living room. “How in God’s name did this happen?,” he must have been thinking. He knew his biological mom was still mentally unstable. He knew that Steffy feared for her and her family’s safety. Still, what is Sheila doing dead in his home?!

Finn has to have some conflicted feelings. He loves Steffy and wants to protect her and the children first and foremost. However, we already saw the power Sheila had over him as his biological mother. If he learns that Steffy willfully killed Sheila without a direct threat from her, he may not maintain loyalty to his wife. During the incident, Sheila was just walking towards Steffy. She didn’t physically attack her first. Did Steffy overreact again and murder his mom?

Ridge Gets the News

Someone who will completely support Steffy even if she did intentionally kill Sheila is her father Ridge (Thorsten Kaye). Carter will provide this stunning information that no one expects to Ridge and Thomas (Matthew Atkinson).

Ridge may have to check himself not to do a happy dance. He will believe his daughter had every right to kill psycho Sheila and won’t even pretend to be disturbed by the loss of life. Even if Steffy’s husband doesn’t support her 100 percent, her father will be the rock of unconditional love she needs right now.

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