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After Blue Bloods Ends, Will Tom Selleck, 78, Say Goodbye to Acting?

Selleck wants to spend more time with his loved ones. That doesn’t mean he’s lost his acting chops, though.


  • With Blue Bloods coming to an end, Tom Selleck has his own plans for the future.
  • While Selleck will no longer be actively pursuing new roles, he is always open to interesting projects.
  • This includes the role of Frank Reagan, as Selleck has not ruled out the possibility of returning to the role.

In just over two weeks, the new season (or rather, first half) of Blue Bloods will hit small screens, bringing the story of the Reagan family closer to its finale, as Season 14 will be its last. For an incredible thirteen full years, the cop drama has been a staple of Friday night television, and now it’s finally time for it to make way for other promising projects.

All these years, the show has been precious not only to us, the regular viewers, but also to the cast and crew members. In particular, we should mention one of the main magnets of the series, Tom Selleck, for whom the role of Commissioner Frank Reagan took up 1/5 of his entire career of more than 50 years.

The actor cherished the project so much that he, along with other cast members, agreed to take a pay cut — all so that Blue Bloods could get at least one more season. But now that it’s upon us, what are the legendary Hollywood veteran’s plans after completing one of the magnum (pun intended) opuses of his acting career?

Tom Selleck’s Post-Blue Bloods Plans

Tom Selleck prioritizes his family above all else, not only on Blue Bloods, but in real life as well. According to an insider who shared details with Closer, Selleck, 78, plans to spend time with his family at a ranch near Ventura, California, where he grows avocados.

‘He wants to relax on his ranch, walk around his property, spend time with his wife and family, and travel a bit,’ an unnamed source shared.

The actor doesn’t regret his decision, as it gives him all the time in the world to spend with his beloved wife Jillie Mack, 66, and daughter Hannah, 35.

In addition, Selleck’s memoir, You Never Know, will be released on May 7.

‘It’s not a gossipy Hollywood tell-all. He is sharing his experiences in this business, meeting some great stars and how they affected him, and what he’s learned,’ the insider explained.

Is This the End of the Actor’s Career?

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None of this is to say that the actor is planning to ride off into the sunset and quit for good. On the contrary, if Selleck gets an interesting project, he will be happy to jump on it, as the actor himself confirmed in a recent conversation with TV Insider.

‘I’m not counting the days so I can do something else,’ Selleck responded to a question on whether he plans to retire. ‘I love the work. Sometimes the hours are a little harder because I’m older, but so what? I want work as long as they’ll have me.’

Is There a Future for Commish Raegan?

By the way, this does not mean that Selleck is ready to leave Frank Reagan behind forever! On the contrary, although the series is coming to an end, the actor is well aware that many people are not ready to let go of the story and are hoping for a sequel in one form or another.

‘CBS will find an awful lot of people aren’t ready to say goodbye to it. The show’s more popular than ever, and I think [numbers] will increase with the interest this year. We’re certainly not out of ideas,’ he said.

Well, hopefully Blue Bloods will end in such a satisfying way that no sequels will be necessary. And if they do, hopefully Mr. Selleck would love a script for his unparalleled character.

The first part of Blue Bloods Season 14 will premiere on February 16, 2024 at 10 pm ET.

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