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10 Most Hated General Hospital Characters of All Time, Ranked

Esme doesn’t even come close.

One of the great things about soaps is that the writers are free to create the craziest storylines and have their characters act in the craziest ways to keep the viewers entertained. This is why some of the best villains tend to come from soaps. That is also why some of the soap characters often cross all the boundaries.

Through the 60 years of General Hospital ‘s run, the show has seen a lot of different characters, some are better and some are worse than others. Whether they’re horrible or just plain annoying, longtime viewers definitely have their least favorites and aren’t afraid to name them.

Here are the 10 most hated General Hospital characters, as ranked by Reddit.

10. Silas Clay

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Having no real personality whatsoever is not a crime, but when it comes to daytime television, it should be. Silas was boring, and every time he appeared on screen, viewers wanted nothing more than to fall asleep. In a fictional world where anything goes, the writers gave him absolutely nothing, and the viewers didn’t appreciate it.

9. Levi Dunkleman

The good thing is that the character of Levi Dunkleman was created to be hated, so all the outrage he caused the fandom is nothing but a testament to Zachary Garred’s talents. However, he was written to be so shallow and exaggerated that it was impossible to get anyone to like him, which killed a solid half of the intrigue.

8. Carly Corinthos

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This one entry may be controversial, but Carly gets a lot of hate from viewers, especially in recent years. Nobody likes a character who doesn’t have to fight and gets everything handed to her on a platter. She used to be a nuanced and interesting character, but now it seems like Carly has become completely untouchable, and that’s simply boring.

7. Lily Corinthos

In contrast to Levi, the hatred for Lily was completely forced and undeserved. She loved Sonny with all her heart and believed him when he agreed to make their arranged marriage work. Unfortunately, she fell victim to Sonny and Brenda’s fans, and all of her redeeming qualities went completely unnoticed.

6. Stavros Cassadine

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There were simply no redeeming qualities about this man, no matter how much time he spent on the show. After what he did to Laura Spencer, every single fan knew to hate him, and he continued his villainous ways until the very last appearance. Even though soap is supposed to be a bit campy, Robert Kelker-Kelly’s over-the-top performance didn’t help.

5. Drew Cain

Drew was fine until he became Drew 2.0. As is usually the case with soap characters, once they are recast, they get new nuances to their personality, and Drew… well, he was completely butchered to the point of no return. General Hospital fans are sure that the Drew who tried to haunt Nina is nothing like the character they first met.

4. Franco

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But not every recasting is bad. Many viewers hated the Franco who was played by none other than James Franco. Even when he left, it was impossible to escape him, as he was mentioned in every single episode. Luckily, Franco 2.0, portrayed by Roger Howarth, managed to save the character’s legacy.

3. Nelle Hayes

Even though the character was on General Hospital for a good 6 years, she didn’t get a lot of people behind her character. Was she a good villain? Probably, as she kept a lot of people on the edge of their seats, but the writers pushed her too far and made her completely unlikable instead of adding at least some humanity to her character.

2. Ryan Chamberlain

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After all, this character has been one of the main antagonists of the show for so long that it would have been strange not to hate him. However, after all the atrocities viewers were forced to witness him do to their favorites, it was almost traumatic to see even his identical twin Kevin’s face on screen.

1. Peter August

This one has to hurt the most, because every time this character would do something that would put him in a moral gray area and explore the complexity of the character, it was followed by more irreparable damage. Peter had the potential to be a fascinating character, the charismatic anti-hero that people would follow, but the writers completely wasted it.

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